Advent calendar 2017 by InArt
Advent calendar 2017 by InArt

December 5th

Because everything look some much better with some green, let’s just add that to the doll house!

Crochet Mini Yucca Plant by Ina Rho
Crochet Mini Yucca Plant by Ina Rho : It’s beginning to look a little bit like a cozy living room.

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Crochet pattern: Mini Yucca Plant

Crochet Mini Yucca Plant by Ina Rho
Crochet Mini Yucca Plant by Ina Rho : December 5 and 5 plants … or? Something looks odd here.

Supplies; this project is perfect for left over yarn, as you just need a tiny amount of each color.  Adjust your hook size to be suitable for the yarn you use (make sure to use a hook on the lower range of the recommended size for your yarn)

For this project I used DROPS Bomull/Lin (cotton/linen) yarn and a 2.5 mm hook for the pot and Catania cotton yarn and a 2.0mm hook. You’ll also need some polyester filling, a small button and a needle + thread.

Note: I used a heavier weight yarn (and bigger hook) for the pot, if you’d like to use the same yarn, I’d consider crocheting with dbl thread for the first part (the pot)

Crochet Yucca Plant : Pattern

Hook 2.5 mm. Pick a color of choice;
R1: 6 in MR
R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: (sc, inc) x6 (18)
R4-8: in BL only; 5rnds of 18sc
R9: sl st 18

change to dark brown and hook 2.0mm
R10: attach yarn to any st from R8 (on the “inside” of the sl sts) work 18sc
add polyester filling
R11: (sc, dec) x6 (12)
R12: decx6 (6)
attach lighter brown yarn
R13-14: 6sc
attach green;
R15: 6sc, sl st to 1st st
in 2nd ch from hook; work sc, hdc, dcx3, hdc, 3sc back. sl st to next*
continue around for a total of 6 petals.

Play Hide and seek

Enjoy your tiny little green yucca plant!

If you enjoy my pattern and want to share a picture of your finished project please link back here or – on instagram – tag your picture #inarho and/or @inarho, so I get a chance to see it. Thank you.


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