Crochet mini doll pattern
Create a mini doll. This is a fairly quick project (depending on the amount of detail you want to add). You should have some crochet experience, preferably some experience with amigurumis.


Working time: Approx ∼ 2 (-3) hours
Size: height ∼10 cm (depending on yarn/hook)

Equipements; this project is perfect for left over yarn, as you just need a tiny amount of each color. I prefer cotton yarn tho. Adjust your hook size to be suitable for the yarn you use (make sure to use a hook on the lower range of the recommended size for your yarn)
Here are my yarn suggestions; DROPS SafranDMC Natura Just CottonSchachenmayr Catania Dale Vipe

Hook size 2.0-2.5(-3.0) mm
You’ll also need safety eyes, filling (like poleyester filling), a needle, and pink stamp or something similar if you’d like to make “blush”

Regular us terms
Inc – 2 sc in one (increase)
Dec – 2sc together (decrease)

Make sure to fill as you go. Arms are attached to body in the end. Fasten off loose thread (hide them inside the doll), and cut off.

minIMEu - mini crochet doll pattern
minIMEu – Crochet mini doll pattern 2016 Copyright Ina Rho


Here’s the pattern for the basic doll.

Color A: hair color
Color B:
skin color
Color C:
color of sweater
Color D:

R1: 6 i MR
R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: (sc, inc) x6 (18)
R4: (sc, inc, sc) x6 (24)
R5: (inc, sc3) x6 (30)
R6: (4sc, inc) x6 (36)
R7-9 (3 rounds): 36 sc
Change to color B
R10-13 (4 rounds): 36sc
R14: (dec, 4sc) x6 (30)
R15: (dec, 3sc) x6 (24)
R16: (dec, 2sc) x6 (18)
Attach eyes between R12-13, 6-7 sts apart, start filling
R17: (dec, sc) x6 (12)
R18: (2sc, dec) x3 (9)

Continue from head; change to color C
R1: (2sc, inc) x3 (12)
R2: (sc, inc) x6 (18)
R3-4 (2 rounds): 18sc
R5: (8sc, inc) x2 (20)
R6: 20sc (20)
R7: (8sc, dec) x2 (18)
R8: 18 sc (18)
Fill body

Continue from body; Change to color D;
How to crochet legs directly from body; Turn the so far doll up-side-down. From the bottom of the body; Visualize a “ring” of 8sts on one side, place hook thru the two st closest to the center. Crochet-tog, then work around like a circle. For the next leg you’ll do the exact same on opposite side.  (It’s the same technique as with my Love Heart Mouse. (check this picture the get the idea)
R1: 6sc, inc (8)
R2-3 (2rnds): 8sc
add some filling
R4: (dec, 2sc)x2 (6)
repeat on opposite side for leg2

ARMS (don’t fill arms)
With color B;
R1: 6 in MR
R2: 6sc
change color C;
R3-9 (7rnds): 6sc (6)

Short strand (make 1)
in 2nd from hook; (sc, inc)x7

Long strand (make 2)
in 2nd from hook; (sc, inc)x14

R1: ch8.
R2: In 2nd from hook; 7sc
R3: Ch1 (for turning) 7sc.
R4-5: Repeat R3 2 more times.
Use thread to wrap around middle to create a bow.
Attach hair strands and bow to top of head.

Add details (opinional); use pink stamp to create pink blush. Use black thread to sew on a mouth. Use a couple of hair color strands to sew on strands from the hair. Or add other details to your own liking.

The basic pattern forms the base for all of the dolls below. Using different hair styles, colors, and adding different pieces of clothing you can make almost anything you’d like. I will soon be adding the extra details for making a little geisha or a frost inspired doll.

If you enjoy my pattern and want to share a picture of your finished doll please link back here or – on instagram – tag your picture #inarho and/or @inarho, so I get a chance to see it. Thank you.


minIMEu - mini crochet doll pattern
minIMEu – mini crochet doll pattern

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  1. These are just adorable! I stumbled upon your website via and I don’t regret the visit! Thank you so much for the many free patterns. That’s very generous of you 🙂
    Will probably try making some of these soon!

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