Advent calendar 2017 by InArt
Advent calendar 2017 by InArt

December 11th

Doll House Advent Calendar

For today I made a crochet basket to store firewood – but it can of course be used for any storage.

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Crochet Basket

Doll House Advent Calendar 2017
Doll House Advent Calendar 2017: Crochet Basket


Supplies; this project is perfect for left over yarn, as you just need a tiny amount.  Adjust your hook size to be suitable for the yarn you use (make sure to use a hook on the lower range of the recommended size for your yarn)
For this project I used a crochet hook size 2.5 mm

Regular us terms
Inc – 2 sc in one (increase)
Dec – 2sc together (decrease)

Crochet Basket Pattern:

I used beige/nature color tweed yarn

R1: 6 i MR
R2: incx6 (12)
R3: (3in1, 5sc) x2 (16)
R4: (2in1 (=inc) x3, 5sc) x2 (22)
R5: (inc, sc)x3, 5sc, (inc, sc)x3, 5sc (28)
R6: 28sc in BL (=back loop) only
R7-13: 7rnds 28sc
R14: Make handles; Define the 8sts on the center of each long side, sc until before you reach the first sts of these. ch8, skip 8sts, 6sc, ch8, skip 8sts, 6sc.
R15: sc in every sts, includingthe ch-s you made last round.

Cut thread and fasten off!

Doll House Advent Calendar 2017
Doll House Advent Calendar 2017: Crochet Basket

Enjoy your tiny crochet basket!

If you enjoy my pattern and want to share a picture of your finished project please link back here or – on instagram – tag your picture #inarho and/or @inarho, so I get a chance to see it. Thank you.

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