Advent calendar 2017 by InArt
Advent calendar 2017 by InArt

December 1st

Dukkehus fra Panduro
Dukkehus fra Panduro

I almost can’t believe it’s December already! Time flies, be sure to enjoy all the little moments.
For the first time in several years (probably 11 or 12) I am not making a proper advent calendar for anyone. Baby is too young to enjoy one and big son is getting too big.

So instead I bought a plain doll house (from for my baby girl and will use this time before christmas to add tiny crochet items to it. (Well, she is probably still a bit too young to play with one, but I will save it for later) And in the spirit of Christmas I will share my instructions with you.

I started adding some wallpaper to my doll house and thought I’d share the patterns I created;


Over the next 23 days I will try to add one item to the house every day, and I will post my instructions here. Mostly I will crochet tiny furnitures and probably some christmas inspired items as well.
Stay tuned!




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