The merriest time - Crochet pixie hat
Crochet pattern pixie hat

Free Crochet pattern: Pixie hat

Christmas is around the corner!
Crochet a pixie hat for your amigurumi doll. This pixie hat fits the sad boy (Arne) doll

This will make a cute Christmas present for a little one.

I also knitted him a scarf, if you don’t know how to knit it’s easy enough to crochet one; ch 10 and sc back and forth until desired length.

You need a crochet hook size 3.5 mm and some suitable white yarn and any color yarn you’d like for your hat. I used Drops Lima (white) and Dale Freestyle (red).   And a needle to weave in ends.

Start off using the colored yarn;
R1: ch42, sl st to 1st st to form a ring
R2: ch1, sc in each st (42)
R3: (front post dc, back post dc) x21 (42)
R4-5: change to white: 42 hdc (42)
R6: change to color: 42 hdc (42)
R7-8: change to white: 42 hdc (42)
R9: change to color: (5hdc, hdc-dec) x6 (36)
R10: change to white: (4hdc, hdc-dec) x6 (30)R11: (3hdc, hdc-dec) x6 (24)
R12: change to color: (2hdc, hdc-dec) x6 (18)
R13-14: change to white: 18 hdc (18)
R15: change to color: 18 hdc (18)
R16: change to white: (4hdc, hdc-dec) x3 (15)
R17: 15hdc (15)
R18: change to color: (3hdc, hdc-dec) x3 (12)
R19-20: change to white: 12hdc (12)
R21: change to color: 12hdc (12)
R22: change to white: (2hdc, hdc-dec) x3 (9)
R23: 9hdc (9)

Make a pom pom; I used the small (35mm) clover pom pom maker to make one. If you don’t have one it shoudl be fairly easy to make one using supplied you already have; Get inspiration from here (video tutorial) or here (I didn’t try these methods)

Attach the pom pom to your hat, fasten ends and you are done!

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