Crochet dog pot

The following is an excerpt.Quick project you can finish in a day Being a bit too ambitious with my latest projects, considering the very limited amount of time I have available to crochet lately I haven’t been able to finish a single

Cactus Style #1

The following is an excerpt.A crochet cactus has been on my to-do-list since I learned to crochet (that is years!), and every now and then I have been looking for small terra cotta pots in local stores, with no luck. At last I went on ebay and

Oppussing av gamle møbler

The following is an excerpt.Gammelt blir nytt Jeg kjøpte en gammel skrivepult på internettauksjon som jeg malte og skriveplaten dekket jeg med Design Folie fra Panduro. Veldig enkelt og billig! Kan absolutt anbefales. Handleliste: Et spann