Crochet baby gym toys

The following is an excerpt.Recently I had my third baby and I made him some homemade crochet toys to look at (while I crochet even more). I bought this wooden baby gym, but any wooden baby gym should be useful – or even a homemade one if

Merkelapper til jul

The following is an excerpt.Hvis du er sent ute med juleforberedelsene (som meg!) tenkte jeg å dele årets merkelapper. Last ned full oppløsning Free printable Christmas tags (in Norwegian) Free downloadable Christmas Tags Free downloadable

Crochet dog pot

The following is an excerpt.Quick project you can finish in a day Being a bit too ambitious with my latest projects, considering the very limited amount of time I have available to crochet lately I haven’t been able to finish a single

Cactus Style #2

The following is an excerpt.Free Crochet Cactus pattern by Ina Rho A crochet cactus has been on my to-do-list since I learned to crochet (that is years!), and every now and then I have been looking for small terra cotta pots in local stores, with