I was thrilled when Khuc Cay asked me to join the book tour of her book Sweet Crochet Friends (published by Tuva Publishing) because Khuc Cay makes the most adorable crochet patterns. The book is no exception, it contains 16 unique crochet patterns to make the cutest crochet toys. I had a lot of fun looking through the book with my daughter (who, no surprise, wanted them all!). In a (convinient, I must day) world with pdf-files it’s still something special about an actual book.

Lily the lamb from “Sweet Crochet Friends”

My daughter’s top favorite was Lily the lamb. But then she also wanted me to make the fishing cat for her younger brother and her doll(!) needed a bunny. I haven’t gotten around making those yet.

Lily the lamb

The instructions in the book are to me very clear, the patterns are well explained and easy to follow. Now I have some years of experience making amigurumis, but I do think that beginners will feel the same way. There’s a big section in the beginning of the book with introductions on basic crochet stitches, sewing together and a little section on embroidery explaining how to make a nose and sleeping eyes.

Both for little girls and little boys

The book contains many common animals, like bunnies, a lamb and a horse. But it also has a few more unusual animals like the goat (my personal favorite!), a tiger and a racoon. And even though the cover of the book is pink there’s quite a lot that will suit a little boy (at least 50% of the patterns) inside the covers. With three girl dolls patterns in the book I do miss a little boy pattern. But that may be due to the fact that crocheted toys probably apply more to little girls, and maybe the fact that the author is mother of a daughter? 🙂


Khuc Cay shares some yarn recommendation in the introduction of the book, mostly different cotton blends. Personally I have switched to using wool yarn (most of the time) for my amigurumis. My lamb is made using different yarn brands from my yarn stash, the brown is Rowan Felted Tweed

The book is available for purchase on amazon

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