Introducing Base
– one pattern, but many options – the Beta Version

Base - One Pattern - Many options
Free crochet pattern by Ina Rho

Here’s Base – a pretty easy pattern.

BIG TIP: Make your changing of colors go to the back of the toy.
Remember to fill as you go. All parts except arms and ears need to be filled firmly.

Hook 3.0 mm
Yarn (this is the yarn I used):
DROPS <3 You #5 100% cotton –  50g/75m (different colors – main color)
DROPS Paris 100% cotton – 50g/75m (16/white)
DROPS Cotton Light 50% cotton/50% polyester – 50g/105m (20/black)
You need at least 50g (one ball) of the main color, and smaller amounts of the black/white yarn.
Something for filling (polyester filling)
10.5mm safety eyes
Needle to weave in ends

Size: Using the same hook and yarn as me the finished bear measures approx. 25 cm (tall)

The original Base (the bear)


Free Crochet Pattern
Base – Free Crochet Pattern @inarho



1st leg:
R1: 6sc in MR
R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: (3sc, inc) x3 (15)
R4-19 (16 rnds): 15 sc (15)
Add filling, cut tread and fasten off

2nd leg:
Same as 1st, but don’t cut the thread
Now you are going to join the legs

Check out this page to get tips on how to change color when working in spiral

Continue from 2nd leg;
R1: ch5, 15sc (in sts 1st leg), 5sc in the ch you just made, 15sc (2nd leg)
R2-5 (4rnds): 40 sc (40)
Change to black color yarn;
R6-8 (3 rnds): 40sc (40)
Change to white color yarn;
R9-10 (2 rnds): 40 sc (40)
R11-15: Repeat R6-10 (40)
Change to black color yarn;
R16-18: 40 sc (40)
Change to base color;
R19: 40 sc (sc in each of the ch from last round) (40)
R20-24 (5 rounds): 40sc (40)
R25: (dec, 8sc) x4 (36)
R26: For this round you will make 36sc, but on each side of the animal (corresponding approx. to the first ch on each side from R18 you will *ch2, skip1* (38)
R27: Work sc this round, dec a total of 8 times, but make sure you make sc in each of the two ch-sts on each side (30)
R28: 30sc (30)
R29: (3sc, dec)x6 (24)
If using safety eyes, attach eyes to between R24-25 (I kept 8sts between each)
R30: (2sc, dec)x6 (18)
R31: (sc, dec)x6 (12)
R32: decx6 (6)
Weave in ends.

Arms: Start off using base color;
R1: 6in MR
R2: incx6 (12)
R3: 12 sc
Change to white color yarn; R4-6: 12sc (12)
Change to white color yarn; R7-8: 12 sc (12)
R9-18: Repeat R4-8 2 more times.
Change to black color yarn; R19-21: 12 sc. Leave tail for attaching to body.

Ears: R1: With white color yarn; in the ch-sp R26 of body work a total of 6sc, end rnd with sl st to 1st st.
R2 with base color; work (1sc, sc-inc) x3, end with sl st to 1st st of the rnd.
Fasten and weave in ends (when weaving in ends manipulate ears – if needed – to point forward)

Finally embroid/sew on a nose – this is not my best skill, so I will leave this part without further explanation (for now …)

Good luck and please show off your Base on Instagram using tag @inarho or #inarho. I cannot wait to see it!

You may also want to check out Base – the dog version. Have fun!

Readers comments

  1. i dont understand how to join hands and ears, wish you put some photo tutorials for that..

    • Hello, The plan is to add some more photos, I will try to include some on how to make ears and arms. Unfortunately I am a bit busy with other projects at the moment, so I can’t make any promises right now. Have a nice day!

      • I am also struggling with attaching the arms! I don’t really understand how do you leave the 6 stitches in the body to start from!

  2. Sarah, you just sew the arms and ears on. There are tons of videos on YouTube for how to sew together amigurumi pieces.

  3. Hi Ina, thanks for the lovely pattern. I started to crochet it , I’m trying to join the second leg, but I can’t 🙁
    I crochet that 5 chains and I don’t know what to do after to join them, I tried in many ways, but there is a big hole in between 🙁
    Thanks a lot!

  4. OMYGOD TOO CUTE, thank you for the pattern. @Sarah Sier If you go to Youtube Sharon Ojala has a great video on attaching bodyparts. 🙂

  5. Very cute pattern! I’m a beginner and it seems like it will turn out great anyway 🙂
    Just a note, in the arms it says change to white yarn twice.

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