Introducing Base
– one pattern, but many options – the Beta Version

Base - One Pattern - Many options
Free crochet pattern by Ina Rho

The original Base can be viewed here

BIG TIP: Make your changing of colors go to the back of the toy.
Remember to fill as you go. All parts except arms and ears need to be filled firmly.

Hook 3.0 mm
Yarn (this is the yarn I used):
DROPS <3 You #5 100% cotton –  50g/75m
DROPS Paris 100% cotton – 50g/75m
Something for filling (polyester filling)
10.5mm safety eyes
Needle to weave in ends

Size: Using the same hook and yarn as me the finished bear measures approx. 25 cm (tall)

The second Base (the dog)


Pattern by Ina Rho




1st leg:
R1: 6sc in MR
R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: (3sc, inc) x3 (15)
R4-6 (3rnds): 15sc (with black)
Change color; Check out this page to get tips on how to change color when working in spiral
R7-9 (3rnds): 15sc (with white)
Change color;
R10-12 (3rnds): 15sc (with black)
Change color;
R13-15 (3rnds): 15sc (with white)
Change color;
R16-19 (4rnds): 15sc (with black)
Add filling, cut tread and fasten off

2nd leg:
Same as 1st, but don’t cut the thread
Now you are going to join the legs;

Continue from 2nd leg;
R1: ch5, 15sc (in sts 1st leg), 5sc in the ch you just made, 15sc (2nd leg)
R2: 40sc
Change color;
R3-19 (17rnds):  40sc
Change to base color (grey);
R19-24 (6rnds): 40 sc  (40)
R25: (dec, 8sc) x4 (36)
R26: 36sc (ear level)
R27: (dec, sc4)x6 (30)
R28: 30sc (30)
R29: (3sc, dec)x6 (24)
If using safety eyes, attach eyes to between R24-25 (I kept 8sts between each)
R30: (2sc, dec)x6 (18)
R31: (sc, dec)x6 (12)
R32: decx6 (6)
Weave in ends.

Arms:6in MR, incx6, 12sc with grey until R14. 12sc with pink until R20
Attach to body

Ears: R1: 6in MR,
R2: incx6 (12)
R3: (sc, inc) x6 (18)
R4: (5sc, inc) x3 (21)
R5-6: 21sc
R7: (5sc, dec) x3 (18)
R8: 18sc
R9: (4sc, dec) x3 (15)
R10: 15sc
R11: (3sc, dec) x3 (12)
R12-24: 12 sc

Finally embroid/sew on a nose, ears and some details if you’d like – this is not my best skill, so I will leave this part without further explanation (for now …)

Good luck and please show off your Base on Instagram using tag @inarho or #inarho. I cannot wait to see it!


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